Here at Twisted Iron Fabrication we produce best in market components within a variety of areas; from off-road vehicle modifications – performance parts for the street – all the way to interior and exterior railings for residential and commercial buildings and smaller art items for any occasion. Check out some of the things we have done under ‘From the Shop’. Feel free to shoot us an email or a phone call if you have any questions or want/need something made/repaired!


Whats New

Modern Interior Railing

We got the customers railings installed this past Friday. The customer and myself couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! The customer wanted a baby gate to match the railings so I fabricated a removable gate to match.  

Cranberry Community Days

I have fabricated a 10 foot sculpture of a human throwing a Frisbee which will be on display at the Cranberry Community Days. Once Community days is over the Sculpture will be moved to its final place at North Boundary Park where the new Frisbee Golf Course is located.